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New Jacketed Testing Stills from ADE (Affordable Distillery Equipment)


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Hello everyone,

We have added 2 new testing stills to our line up. Both units are jacketed and they come in several configurations. One testing still has a 10 gallon operating capacity and the other has a 20 gallon operating capacity. We can configure either one of them to produce very closely with your Artisan, Still Dragon, Vendome or German still. If you have some new grain in, or fruit mash recipes that you would like to develop, these are the stills for you. These stills have an optional center mounted 1/2hp agitator. Since the agitators are center mounted, the impellers are larger and so these stills can be used as mash cookers as well as stills. The columns are set to the front of the top. During testing we actually attained a slightly higher proof with the offset column verses a center mounted column. These stills have safety relief valves on the jackets and inner boilers. There is an optional heating system with programmable controller available. The controller is built form all UL listed parts and the control panel and heating element enclosures are rated NEMA4X. Please click on the links below to see pics of the 20 gallon unit with the optional 4 plate bubble plate column and digital controller. Like all of our products these stills are priced very reasonably. We have these units in stock. Please feel free to ask all of the questions that you like on this forum, or if you would like to order or have other questions please call Paul @ 417-778-6100 or email paul@distillery-equipment.com for pricing info. We will soon have these on our web site http://distillery-equipment.com plus we will be offering them for sale in the for sale by vendor area of this forum.

The bubble plate column on the that is linked to below below has a gin basket above the dephlegmator. We have optional push to connect condenser plumbing, with manual needle valve control for the condenser and dephlegmator. We also have optional automated control for the condenser and dephlegmator. The controllers for the agitator and heating system in the pics below should be mounted on the wall away from the equipment.



Click on this link to see pics of some of our pro series equipment http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=6724

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