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Hello from Infinity. Eau Claire, WI

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Hello everyone. I've been browsing through the forums for few years now but have yet to introduce myself.

So, my name is Matthew. My winery and distillery is Infinity Beverages. Been officially operating as a winery since 2010 with first products releasing 2011. Took the leap and left corporate America end of 2011 to run our new Tasting Lounge when it opened 2012. At this time is when our DSP was also approved. So for couple years I not only made all the wines and spirits but ran our Tasting Lounge 5 days a week (alongside all the other things that many here are all too familiar with that come with running our daily operations). Last two years I've brought on employees and Infinity is really starting to get traction here in the Chippewa Valley--although there is still so many ppl that still have never heard of us! Wrapping up an expansion for end of spring 2016 so we can keep up with demand.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and helping each other out!

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Welcome Matthew,

You have been a busy guy since taking the corporate leap!

My name is Irene George, with All American Label. We are printers for the wine and distilled spirit and beer industry. As luck will have it I love to drink!

If you are on the hunt for a custom label printer, I'd like to send you a nice sample package of our work. We exhibit at all the ADI events and print for many wineries/distilleries all over the country.

Please connect with me at irene@allamericanlabel.net

I look forward to hearing from you...and good luck with your new adventure...keep that sense of humor!


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