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Used Barrels & Vats


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A large selection of used refurbished barrels and vats for your spirits at great prices !

- cognac cask: 20 years old; 300 L; 182 euros from Cognac, bung on the head

350 L; 352 euros from Cognac

- brandy cask: 10 years old; 225 L; 149 euros from Cognac

- apple brandy: 10 years old; 190 L; 198 euros from Cognac

- rum : 12 years old; 200 L; 145 euros in US

- white port; 10 years old; 300 L; 380 euros in US

320 euros from Cognac

- Vats from 2000 L( 530 gals) to 30000 L(7920 gals)

Contact: Hubert Germain-Robin at hubertgermainrobin@gmail.com

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