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Water filtration system from Bell's Brewery

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Hey guys,

We picked up the old water filtration system from Bell's brewery here in Kalamazoo, MI. We intended to retrofit it and use it for our process water... But sadly have run out of time and decided to just purchase a new unit. Here's the info on the system. If you're interested or have questions feel free to email me at jon@gddistilling.com. Asking $500 obo. Buyer must pick up. We can help you load it, 2 guys can carry the whole rack. Come get a piece of brewing history... Would love to give it a new home. Email for pictures.

Water filtration system
Overall dimensions
103.5"high x 44"wide 19"deep from back of filter to front of front filter
Upper pipe diameters 2"id
Lower left pipe diameter 1" slightly oval ed so could be 1 1/8" cut copper pipe
Lower right pipe diameter male threads 1.5"id 1.75"od
1 5/8" square tubing frame
Filters are 20"long and the canisters measure approximately 5.5" in diameter so I assume the filters are 4.5".





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