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Brandy distilling equipment


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At distilling equipment, we are the Craft Distillery equipment Experts.

* Shortest lead times - within 8 weeks
* The Safe Choice!
* Engineer overseas service on for some time Annual,the nearest is April 2016

Please ask us about turnkey options and UL certificate.

Brandy, Vodka, Gin, whiskey, Rum Distillery equipment has delivered well over 500L, 1000L, 500gal and 5000L in the past 3 years. We've got a great reputation for quality and support. Check out our website and contact us for details.

With many years experience, our systems and equipment are designed to be both cost effective and operationally effective. We will help you build a better distillery and make better alcohol and be cost effective, too.

- Electric heating distillery
- Gas Fired heating distillery
- Steam heating distillery
- Mash tun (jacketed and non-jacketed)
- Fermentation tank (jacketed and non-jacketed)
- Storage tank
- Mixing tank
- CIP cleaning system
-Malt mill

-Hot water tank

Our website: http://www.dayuwz.com/index.php

Email us: info@dayuwz.com

Brandy distillery equipment
Vodka distillery equipment

Whisky distillery equipment

Gin distillery equipment

Rum distillery equipment

(200L to 5000L)

Brandy testing video in https://www.facebook.com/leila.sue.94

Telephone: +86-577-86806088

Mobile: +86 18966255852


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The roughness of the equipment after polish


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Both are steam heating, and delivery last month, if you are interested in the info,

pls contact me:Sue Lei

Email: info@dayuwz.com

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