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Fidji style bottle

Frank bottleguy

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Dear friends,

In my quest to offer you a better or equivalent product at lower prices, I have the pleasure to anounce the launch of a Fidji style bottle from our South American glass makers. The glass is clear flint, lower in weight and has a beautiful design.

This is not a copy, it is an established mold to which the Saver Fidji is the nearest example.

Note that for you craftdistiller on the West Coast you reduce shipping cost and energy cost because we would boat this glass to your door.

You would be green while saving money. Contact me for samples and terms. Quoted prices are based on less than full load quantities. Minimum order 1 pallet bulk (1350).

Introductory price: 1.50$ per bottle FOB Montreal :blink:

1877 762 1867 ext 235


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