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Aspiring New Distillery in Toledo, OH

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I've been lurking on these forums for a few years now as I've been trying to get things together. I'm told that Ohio is a particularly difficult state to try and get starting in. I'm having a hard time coming up with projections that show me making any money. I know that most small businesses don't make a profit for the first couple of years, but I'm told that banks want to see positive cash flow projections before they will consider giving loans. So I'm a bit mired down in planning at the moment.

Anyway, the discussions here have been very helpful in furthering my knowledge and I wanted to give back. I've built an Android app (sorry iOS folks) that does common calculations that needed the TTB gauging manual to come up with. Its no frills, but I've put it up as a free app, with no ads and requires no special permissions (ie; totally free). Hope its useful to some of you.


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One possibility is a Franchise Distillery, for 1/3 the initial investment you can be a distillery and have finished and unfinished spirits shipped to you. It becomes a quasi contract distilling operation but you get to distill, bottle label and make changes to your product as you see fit. Plus you get the experience and branding of a successful company. The reality is, the market is saturated with moonshine and vodka, at the distribution level, but not at the tourist/destination distillery level. With the right business model you can make money from nearly the startup.

For more information pm me.

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