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Hey everyone,

I've been reading and browsing, and can't seem to find any definitive guide on DAP use. We have experimented, but each time it seems we add way too little DAP (maybe out of fear of killing the yeast with too much). Does anyone have a happy medium of DAP to add that seems to kick off fermentation? Be it a pound per x amount of gallons/liters/or brix

With both our blackstrap molasses and raw sugar ferments we start off around 17-19 brix, and the ferments can take upwards of 11-15 days.

Thanks for any help!

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are you controlling fermentation temps? what does your pH look like?

Ph is starting around 5.6 and dropping to around 4.3 within the next two days and holding there. Temp is controlled to 33C, Start at 30, caps at 33, then back down to 30 by the time the fermentation is done.

This is what we use for each 100 gallons of rum wash:

DAP - 230 grams

B Vitamins - 30 grams

MgSO4 - 2 grams

How long do your ferments normally take?

Thanks for the info and help!

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