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Change of Address for DSP


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Does anyone have any experience in changing their address of operation after getting your DSP?

We just received our DSP, but we are experiencing many more delays than expected with the current property owner. I have been on the TTB website and see exactly what I need to do in order to change the premise for permitting, but wondering how long it will take. If anyone has gone through this process I would like to know how long it took from submission to approval and any other nuggets of advice relating directly to changing the address of the distillery.

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The change of location can take just as long as the original application. It is a freaking lottery. Bluestone is correct. It is easier to prepare the application itself. You get a consent of surety on the bond, change the descriptions of the premises, submit the new lease, and draw and submit new diagrams.

However, do NOT listen to what one person experienced and extrapolate from that.

I know I can tell you that, but you still want to know, "How long does it take?"

The two most recent changes of location in which I was involved, came before the current descent to 157 average to approval of new applications.

  1. I submitted the most recent one on March 16 and it was approved on May 20, which was about two months.
  2. I submitted the other on 12/23/2014 and it was not approved until 5/20/2015. That was about 5 months. But we had to convince the previous tenant, also a DSP, to curtail its premises before TTB could approve the move into that location, so there were complicating circumstances..

Do you toss the five month example and take the two month example as more likely? DO NOT DO THAT. Like someone sending out a prospectus on a mutual fund, I've got to provide a warning, "Past Performance is Not Necessarily Indicative of Future Results."

I've seen that stated differently, "Past returns are not future returns. Past returns can be very misleading if there are reasons to believe that future market conditions are likely to be significantly different from those that shaped past returns." Such reasons to believe exist when dealing with TTB. Look at the move from 117 tp 157 days average on original applications. In fact, my experience tells me that current results are likely to be significantly different if we were to submit the same application, at the same time, if they ended up in the hands of two different specialists.

That brings us to the bottom line - Moving instead of dealing with the landlord could result in more delays than dealing with the landlord will, but that is a business decision you need to make. I'm sorry that it is impossible to give you an answer that let's the decision be more informed.

Note that in TTB's parlance, you are changing "location," not address. But that is splitting hairs as long as you check the right amendment when you go into permits on line (and I hope you use permits on line because it makes life a lot easier when you do amendments).

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