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200 gallon Mash Tun 4 sale

John D

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I got the tun a few years ago. I have added a food grade wet bearing to the bottom of the tank for the shaft to mount to. I did this to stabilize the mixer. We also did some motor mount repairs "stainless seems welds". I will throw in a 3ph to 3ph VFD to control the RPMs. This motor is a beast. you can start with 200 deg. water add your grain and no dough balls after about 5min. I used steam injection, tank is insulated and will hold 190 to 200 for about 3 hours if needed. I have replaced the cooling spray bar pipe. The pipe goes around the inside of the tank and sprays the cooling water on the shell of the tank. Cools from 190 to 90 in about 45min. If you go to my Facebook page "Tryon Backdoor Distillery"and look in the video section you can see it running in two videos. I have a new to me 500 gallon tun and don't need this one anymore. I am asking $4900. I can deliver on east coast for one was gas cost. It will take a forklift to get it of the truck. Hope the pics work.







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Forgot to add OBO. I need to move it out of my way so If you need a great mash tun PM an offer.

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Tun has a 2" TC drain with the dome bottom it drains 100% Very easy to clean. This is a great tun with mixer ready to plug in and go. Send me an offer willing to deal need to get it out of my way.

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