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Organic Labeling


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When I do organic labels, who do I send the label to to certify it? Who do you guys use?

This is what I got from TTB:

"As of 05/23/2005, this application must be accompanied by a USDA-accredited certifying agent’s (ACA) approval of the organic alcohol beverage labels prior to submission to TTB. The ACA Preview must show actual images of the labels along with a stamp or signature of the ACA. Documentation showing the certifying agent's review and approval must accompany EVERY request for label approval submitted to TTB. For Wine 27 CFR §4.101 applies. For D/S 27 CFR 5.71 applies"

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First stage is certification of your processing plant. Several organizations in N.Ca can do this, but there's a fee involved both initially and each year, so interview and get prices.

USDA operates the National Organic Program (NOP) which provides accreditation for agents you can deal with Certifiers

If that link doesn't work, try this:


...then click on the Certifiers link on the right.

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