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Cheers from Kings Mountain , North Carolina

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Greetings from Kings Mountain NC! We have applied for our federal permit on the 22nd of August. We are in the final stages of permiting with the Feds. Our DSP is located in a old textile mill. The flagship product we are going to produce is a premium gin. We are also going to have a Mint Tea Vodka soon following the gin. Our goal is to eventually produce fruit brandys of the highest quality. Eau De Vie and aged Fruit Brandys is the plan and we also may produce some other spirits. We look forward to being active members of the ADI forum. We also hope to meet some of you in person in the future.


Southern Artisan Spirits

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Congrats. I spent some years in Charlotte and have some friends in Kings Mountain. A nice area. Good to see you are making use of fading infrastructure.

We've been calling our little company SAS (Smooth Ambler Spirits)....but just internally on emails and such. It was a bit ironic when I saw your logo.

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