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Suppliers: Send us product and service information for class

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Our Siebel Institute Craft Distilling and Operations course is coming up on April 25th. We generally get a lot of students that are entering into distilling and, especially, people who are considering opening a distillery. As such, they are usually looking for a full range of products and services towards building their distilling career. If you are a distilling industry supplier or service provider and have any printed materials regarding what you offer, or if you have promotional materials you would like us to give to our students, please feel free to send it to us to arrive on the week before the April 25th start date of the class. We will usually have about 30 to 35 students in session. You can send items to:

Siebel Institute

ATTN: Keith Lemcke

900 N. North Branch St. Suite 1N

Chicago, IL


Please include a note that the goods are for our Distilling course. There is no charge for this service as we support the growth of the craft brewing industry. Thanks very much.

Keith Lemcke


Siebel Institute of Technology

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