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Plate Filter

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Is this what you have in mind?

I used to use this for a few spirits I made for our place in Ann Arbor. Cheap, and has a built in pump. Not explosion proof, though.


Hope this helps.

Thanks Denver!

That is perfect.


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I have one of these, but I'm not sure it's optimal. We've used it on only a few batches as the final filter, and while it does filter well, we're not sure the pump is going to survive. At present, it is not able to draw product from the bottling tank against any head to speak of. Last few times, I've had to manually prime the suction side. Once it starts, it's fine. Not sure what caused this, but the pump maker indicated that the parts in the check valves are not suited for high proof. He gave me a part number for $20 worth of replacement parts to make the pump high-proof rated.

This thing also drips a bit, but it's easy to take the drip pan off and dump it into the source tank.

Denver's comment about explosion proof is also correct. I believe for bottling flamables, the tanks should be located at least 7 feet from the filter and filler, so we use a long hose.

Did you buy a filler yet? You're welcome to use this filter and my Xpressfill when the time comes.

I am looking for a small plate filter that will stand up to the spirits. Anybody have any leads?



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If you're still in the market, consider the XpressFill. The machine's new design is extremely user-friendly, comes with a digital timer and performs with outstanding precision (within 1.5 ml accuracy) calibrated at the factory. All XpressFill bottle filling machines come with a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty. http://www.xpressfill.com

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