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Molasses to rum conversion rate


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I don't know if this is right, but here are my calculations. The fermentation and distillation are not possible, but I'm just calculating how much alcohol would be produced from that amount of fermentables in a gallon of molasses.

If 1 gallon of molasses weighs 11.6lbs and is 40% sugar (fermentables) that is 4.64lbs of sugar.

If you add 4.64 lbs of sugar to 1 gallon of water that is a specific gravity of 1.209 and a potential ABV of 32.4%(even though not technically possible).

So if all those sugars were fermented, that would leave .32 gallons of 100%ABV(200proof) or 1211ml at 200 proof.

1211ml at 200 proof plus 1817 of H2O equals 3028ml of alcohol at 80 proof.

3028ml/750ml = four 750ml bottles of 80 proof rum.

Now again, this doesn't take into account that yeast will not ferment up to 32.4%, alcohol cannot be distilled to 200 proof with our equipment, and the fact there is heads and tails of run. Just wanted to throw out some numbers.

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