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SEATS OPEN: Kothe Distilling Technologies Fall 2009 Workshop & Seminar Series

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There are still 5 seats for the Sensory Seminar and 6 seats for the Advanced Workshop open.

I have also just freed up 3 seats for the Basic Workshop that were reserved and not taken.

Please visit www.kothe-distilling.com for more information and to sign up for the fall classes.


Kothe Distilling Technologies Fall 2009 Workshop & Seminar Series

Koval Distillery in Chicago is proud to host Kothe Distilling Technologies' fall workshops and seminar. The classes offered cover both basic and advanced distilling techniques and the legal and business aspects of starting a distillery. There will also be a sensory seminar class offered, the only one of its kind in the United States!

These courses are not only tailored to prospective distillers but are of great benefit to members of the liquor industry who want to improve their knowledge of the craft distilling movement, the process of distilling and hone tasting skills of distilled spirits.

Distilling Workshops

During the distilling workshop, participants will learn the entire process of starting a distillery from fruit selection, mashing, distillation and packaging to the legal and business aspects relevant to North America, including the TTB, state regulations, colas and location requirements. Students will also receive hands on distilling experience on a custom Kothe Still at Koval Distillery. Hosts Robert Birnecker, Sonat Birnecker Hart and special guest Dr. Klaus Hagmann, world leader in fermentation, distillation, and author of numerous books on the subject, will be giving personal insights into the practice of distilling and starting a distillery.

Sensory Seminar

During the sensory seminar participants will learn about the various sensory aspects of different types of alcohol. The Sensory Seminar will provide an insight into proper tasting of eaux de vie, vodkas, whiskeys, grappas and liqueurs. Participants will sample over 75 different products and learn to identify positive as well as negative aspects of distillates. The day will begin with brief presentations on the basics of sensory perception and analysis, various aromas, and then will guide participants through a process that will help them become more knowledgeable consumers, distillers, while developing an overall industry expertise.

These classes will take place at Koval Distillery at 5121 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago Illinois. Classes range from December 3-6 and vary in price. Please visit www.kothe-distilling.com for more information and to sign up for the fall classes.

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