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What is the purpose of packaging?

James K. Wilkins

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Many companies take this step seriously, Packaging attracts the customers. It creates attention towards their product. It increases sales.

I definately agree with this! I urge the craftdistiller to think outside the box. I mean you are using perhaps a few pallets of glass per year, why not make the best out of it instead of going the safe route. Lets take Saver glass, beautiful glass, expensive looking, high end and top of the line. Neverthless, I have found 15 distillers using the Oslo, 14 using the Ariane, 7 using the Neos. My personal view is that if you go safe you will not stand out, therefore will not book huge sales even if your product is outstanding.

Some have great ideas of decorating a simple looking bottle into a work of art, using low cost additions to embelish the glass (wax, silkscreen, frosting, bartops). What we need is a 'refreshment' in the glass industry, whether personalized molds or changes in design such as www.selective-line.com offers. Imagine: a bottle that looks like it is made out of wood, or velvet (...) or looks like an old metal object. All is possible nowadays and believe me it will write itself off, because your sales will go up. I might toot my own horn, but you will see that the packaging experts, whether us or other distributors, can really help you get the edge.

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I'm sorry Frank, I understand now that the "Oslo" and others are actually bottle types that fall under the "Saver" brand. Originally I thought they were separate manufacturers.

Thanks for the additional link though. The Saver site is fantastic!

Matt H

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