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Non-centrifugal cane sugar


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Similar to my post on cane juice, I am seeking a sugar source for rum fermentation as un-refined as possible. The least heat treatment, least separation, etc etc. There's the obvious thread about panela in the forum, but what about other cultural un-refined sugars?

Muscovado, Sucanat, Rapadura, Demerara, and Turbinado come to mind. Does anyone (either on the sugar side or distilling side) have experience with these and Panela? How do they differ?

Extending from that, I know sugar daddy is big here for panela, does he or anyone else stock Sucanat and Muscovado?

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I love the Panela sugar. It's definitely different than molasses based rum, likely not for everyone. It really does have similarities to Agricole. We've been aging for 16 months and will be releasing it soon. I also have a true rhum agricole that I'll be releasing later this year.

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