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New European Tanks Arriving This Month


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Ager Tank and Equipment is receiving it's order of new LETINA tanks this month in preparation for wine season. These tanks also work perfectly for craft distilleries. They are priced economically, and are made in a a state of the art factory. Ager Tank and Equipment Co. is a established name in the sale of new and used equipment for the beer, wine and now the craft distilling industries. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you do not see what you are looking for, have other needs out side of tanks listed, or have any questions about any of the tanks. Below is a complete list of all new Letina tanks we have in stock, or arriving this month

All Tanks are New Letina Brand tanks direct from the factory unless otherwise specified.

Closed top tanks:

290 Gallon (1100Lt) storage tanks: Single wall- $2,195.00 (6 available)

528 Gallon (2000Lt) Storage tanks: Single wall- $3,195.00(9 available) Jacketed- $4,500.00 (15 Available)

650 Gallon (2450Lt) Storage tanks: Jacketed-$5,250 (10 Available)

845 Gallon (3200Lt) Storage tanks: Jacketed- $5,595.00

1100 Gallon (4150Lt) Storage tanks: Jacketed- $6,595.00 (10 Available)

1320 Gallon (5000Lt) Storage tanks: Jacketed-$7,250.00 (12 Available)

1635 Gallon (6200Lt) Storage tanks: Jacketed-$9,395.00 (9 Available)

3220 Gallon (12,200Lt) Storage tank: Jacketed: $11,650.00 *One left for sale*

Variable capacity:

160 Gallon (620Lt) V/C Tanks: Single Wall- $980.00 *Includes both a floating lid and a garbage can style lid* (9 available)

290 Gallon (1100Lt) V/C Tanks: Single Wall-$1,100.00*Includes both a floating lid and a garbage can style lid* (8 Available)

345 Gallon (1500Lt) VC Tanks: Single Wall$1,450.00*Includes both a floating lid and a garbage can style lid* (7 available)

500 Gallon (1900Lt) V/C Tanks: Jacketed- $4,495.00 (10 Available)

620 Gallon (2350Lt) FORKLIFTABLE V/C Tanks: Jacketed- $5,295.00 (8 Available)

660 Gallon (2500Lt) V/C Tanks: Jacketed-$5,895 (6 Available)

1060 Gallon (4050Lt) FORKLIFTABLE V/C Tanks: Jacketed-$6,495.00 (10 Available)

1295 Gallon (4900Lt) V/C Tanks: Jacketed-$9,295.00 (5 Available)

Other Tanks

1050 Gallon (4000Lt) Mix Tanks with flip up lid: Single Wall- $9,795.00 (3 Available)

All sales are FOB Portland, Oregon. If there are any questions about any of the tanks, please feel free to contact us via phone or email listed below. We are able to arrange shipping to our customers facilities.

For more information or to make a purchase please contact:

Sean Ager

Ager Tank and Equipment Co






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