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Rick House options


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We are looking at erecting a building to age whiskey and maybe other spirits. Does anybody know the cost and or benefits of building the listed options. I am located on the Mississippi coast about 12-15 miles from the Gulf. We don't get many freezing nights 6-12 per year, and our humidity is quite high. I tried to look up Rum aging but couldn't find much. how tall would the suggested height be of either of these choices?

1) traditional rick house

2) Steel frame building with pallet racks and timbers horizontal barrel storage

3) Steel building using stack-able forklift 2 barrel racks

4) Steel building using pallets with vertical barrels

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I've always used steel buildings with concrete floors. Usually with a ceiling height of 16' to the bottom of the rafters. As far as barrel storage options, I've used steel 2 barrel racks, and am currently using pallet racking with horizontal timbers.

IMHO, Go with the 2 barrel racks. It's a time consuming, labor intensive pain in the ass to use the pallet racking system. I basically have to go caving to take samples from barrels. With the steel racks just use the forklift and move a few out of the way.

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