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BRAND NEW!!! 235 gallon oil bath still for sale.

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I have a brand new 235gallon oil bath still for sale. This is 100% ready to go to work! rum, whiskey, vodka, gin......Brand new!!!! Never used!

* 20 plate vodka column

* bypass at the 5th plate for rum, whiskey, whatever

* full digital control panel

* mobil therm 43 heating oil

* gin basket

* engine turn skirt

* fully insulated

Asking $26,000

Pictures upon request.


Joseph Dehner


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Been happily running an oil bath still of his for just under a year without issue.

I originally ordered a direct element still and I'm glad I switched to oil bath before it was too late. Not having to separate grain and being able to use the still as a mash tun in emergencies saved my ass.

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