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These guys were on the ADI expo floor. Somewhat interesting concept - completely nonferrous boiler so it can be fed directly from untreated potable water. Steam can be used for direct injection or jacketed gear with no need for condensate return. Obviously, overall water consumption would be higher than a conventional condensate return boiler. By my calculations, about 1.4 gal/min down the drain for 20 BHP at full operation. Certainly saves on installation costs but interested in thoughts from others...

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I have one coming at the end of next week. My system will use direct injection steam in the mash cooker and in the my still. I didn't want to use chemicals to treat my water. If you have hard water you might need a water softener. They are the cheapest clean steam option I could find and were less than most traditional boilers.

Wilderness Trail in Danville, KY already has one in place and gave me a good review.

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