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Hello from Minnesota

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Hi all!

Been reading the forums for awhile, and finally decided to sign-up!

I was working on starting a distillery in the Twin Cities metro, but have to switch to looking to work/join a distillery team.

We had a business plan, and were looking at locations and starting conversations with St. Paul. Then...members of our partnership showed hesitancy towards the venture. *fizzle fizzle* Away went the planning...

So, I'm still interested in the industry, and would love to find a new group to work with! Existing distillers, or new venture team...



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Welcome Jeff,

I have been in the process of opening a distillery in the Twin Cities for close to two years. I have learned a lot along the way, and I hope that this is the year. With the budget I am working with, it has been quite a chore finding a suitable space. I wanted St. Paul and started leasing a building, but after having two architects come out and the city, it was evident that the cost of renovation did not add up for the small amount of space it was. It does seem that the city of Minneapolis is a lot more lenient with distilleries, as there are many, whereas currently only one in St. Paul. I did find some very nice spaces in St. Paul, but they were out of my budget, so if you ever in the market I can point you to what I found.


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