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tankless water heater vs hot liquor tank


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With an HLT you can store water preheated from a cooling process an on-demand wouldn't let you do that. We use an old bulk dairy tank to reclaim hot water from cooling our mashes, starts our 2nd and 3rd cooks of the day around 140F. We don't have anyway of heating the tank, so if it cools down over the weekend we are stuck with cooler water, but it doesn't really change anything in our process except adding 10 minutes to the first cook. We only keep enough for the next cook, so the temps are pretty good. Also we can fill our cooker at 40 GPM versus 10 to 15 from the well.

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My heat recovery chillers come supplied with taps on the hot refrigerant gas so a customer can pipe into a brazed plate exchanger so you can heat enroute to HLT from city water source.

Another way is to reclaim heat from the hot mash cooling water with another plate exchanger in the same manner.

Both methods are energy savers, the first makes the chiller more efficient and the second reduces the cooling load directly.

Mike G

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We ferment honey, not grain. For us, the switch to on demand was a no brainer.

We heat all our stills electrically so we don't have a steam system. We also don't save or store hot water. All our hot water came from a traditional gas hotwater tank.

The tank quickly became our prime limiting factor, waiting for it to fill and then heat. The new on demand system provides constant water flow at 65C (you can set it higher with the commercial bypass switch)

total investment under $2000 CAD and it completely changed our lives.

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