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Aspiring Distiller... Job Wanted

Cole Train

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I am from southern Wisconsin. I am in pursuit of advancing my knowledge in distilling and it will be a great honor to have the opportunity to work at a distillery. My goal is to continue learning the craft of distilling and to become a Master distiller.

Currently I am finishing my graduate degree studies in Adult Education at University of Wisconsin-Platteville and will culminate in May, 2016. I have gained valuable knowledge regarding human relations as it relates to adults in a positive learning environment. I found that my passion is in distilling spirits and home wine making.

I fell in love with the ability to create something purely mine by using my own hands and then watching it mature to something so delightful and full of taste. I feel my passion and desire to improve helps create me to be a high-quality applicant for any distilling position. Recently, I have been job shadowing at Potosi Brewing Company, Potosi, WI. I plan to increase my knowledge and continue on the path to becoming a master distiller.

If there is any interest, please message me in this forum. I will send you a resume.

Thank you,


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