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Pets in Tasting Room


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Hi all,

Does anyone know regulations around guests bringing pets (specifically dogs) into tasting rooms? I'd like to make my tasting room dog-friendly, as it goes with my brand, but I'm not sure on what the health code regs are around that.

We have other bars in the area in NJ that are open to dogs, so figure it's worth asking.


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Varies state by state and even city to city. If you're inspected by your state's health dept. there's a good bet you'll be fined. Many tasting rooms don't fall under health dept. jurisdiction though so it would be your call. I've certainly been to quite a few distilleries that have resident dogs (and even a pig) wandering about.

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My local health department considers ice a food, so if we serve ice we have to have a food service license. The food service regulations do not allow pets. So if we don't serve ice and don't have to deal with the health department it should be ok. I have also seen a few things done that I am pretty sure are not allowed, but get done anyway. It often depends on who is doing inspections.

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