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Join us for the next Ultimate Hands-on Workshop in June


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Hi everyone!

Rockwell Rutter from Distillery University here. I wanted to give everyone an update on our Hands-on Workshop coming June 20-24 in Spokane, WA.

The March Workshop was an absolute success; we had folks come in from all 4 corners of the country to participate in the 5-day event and everyone left with a smile and new energy for their distillery project. In addition to the classwork and the actual hands-on learning at Tinbender Craft Distillery, we also organized a few after-hours events for people to enjoy. We toured Spokane Industries (tank manufacturer) and held several group dinners and tasting events at local bars and restaurants.

There were also a few surprise gifts for everyone (that I won't reveal here), except for one. In addition to the recorded footage of the entire Workshop now available through their account on DistilleryUniversity.com, and the accompanying Powerpoint presentations, attendees were also gifted an EXTENSIVE Business Plan Formulation tool. This software tool will help them with forecasting, expense planning, batch costing, and a host of other business plan requirements as they move closer to starting their distilleries.

Now that the Workshop is over, we're gearing up for the next one this June. The Early Registration discount ends on 5/22, so don't miss your chance to save $500. Every registration comes with a free Lifetime Access membership to the online content, so you'll have the benefit viewing the Workshop you attended, as well as the 37 hours of other content that's currently available.

We'd love to have you join us next month. Here's a link to learn more: https://distilleryuniversity.com/hands-on-workshop/. And here's a link to a short (one-minute) video showcasing some of the actual hands-on learning: https://vimeo.com/163875286

Here's what a few attendees had to say:

“I congratulate the team at Distilling University for the training workshop they have organized. The workshop included a good mix of seminar and on-site education, highlighted by our visit of an equipment manufacturer and local distillery. Furthermore, I made great friends and professional contacts in the group with which i am still keeping in touch. Thank you to Rockwell, Dan and Todd. Cheers!" - E. Garcia.

"Thank you very much for an excellent week of learning. It was well worth the effort. The Workshop paid for itself before the first break on day one." - J. Calderon.

"So much practical experience and knowledge. Learning facts is fun, but learning why they're important and how to use them is awesome." - A. Lyon


Rockwell Rutter


(509) 999-1244

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Hi everybody,

I understand it can be tough getting out of town for a week, especially mid-summer. Kids are out of school, co-workers are taking vacations; there's a lot to consider.

Since we began promoting the summer Workshop a few weeks ago, we've gotten an overwhelming number of responses asking for the event to be held in July instead of June. Couple that with the enormous number of events happening concurrently in Spokane and the subsequent shortage of hotel rooms, and we've decided to make a change.

The new dates of the summer Ultimate Workshop are July 11th - July 15th, 2016.

Hopefully this makes it easier for people to make their travel arrangements and join us. To make up for the inconvenience we may have caused, we're also extending the discounted Early Registration pricing through 6/11. Reserve your spot now and guarantee your place for the 5-day Workshop. (https://distilleryuniversity.com/hands-on-workshop/)

If anyone has any questions or needs help finding a place to stay, please don't hesitate to contact me personally by phone or email.
Email: rockwell@distilleryuniversity.com
Phone: (509) 999-1244


Rockwell Rutter

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