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Another from Maryland

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Hello All. I am a longtime lurker from the northern suburbs of Baltimore and have found these forums to be a wealth of top quality information. I am currently in the middle of my business planning stages with a particular interest in the production of rum and specialty products (i.e. absinthe, eau de vie, etc.) and general interest in everything else. I am looking forward to continuing my education in hopes of opening a DSP of my own and to contribute to these forums where I can.

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Moc11 - as someone in a similar condition, may I ask what resources are you using for formulating your business plan?

What types of equipment have you decided upon?

Any idea how much the TTB surety bond will cost?

How are you planning on marketing your product?

etc. etc.... :-)

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Luwest and cphillips007 - Thank you for welcoming me to the forums!

whaleShark - I am using basically just what I can find on the internet and the vast amounts of information on these forums to formulate the business plan and financial forecasts. As far as equipment goes, I have looked into just about everything, from MileHi to Hoga to Corson and everything between and beyond. For fermentation, I will most likely use IBC's in place of conical vessels in order to keep costs down. All of the other equipment is from various sites (including, but not limited to, ULINE, TCW, Grainger, etc). For bond, I have just an estimate based on my research, but InsuranceMan appears to have a tremendous reputation from the users of this forum. When I get to that point, I will definitely give him a call.

I know there are very many aspects of opening a DSP that I have not thought of, but am definitely looking forward to the challenge.

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