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Hello all,

My name is Cheryl Lins and I'm located in crumbling Walton, New York. It is here that I hope to establish a micro-distillery specializing in absinthe. I'm going to leave all the whiskies, bourbons, gins, vodkas and the like to you folks with your big equipment. I'm looking to start with a little pot still on the order of 30-35 liters. If my funding comes through I'll be able to get things really moving. Until then it's all discussion, getting the business plan (thankfully done), insurance, those bonds ready, and all of that.

So far the TTB folks have been very helpful in explaining things, but perhaps if I spoke with more than one person maybe I'd get different answers. The New York State Liquor Authority however seems to want to be as opaque as possible.

Anyway I'm really excited that there's a forum here. And I happen to see a few familiar faces here too. Hi Mr. Stone, Hi Marc, Hi Robert. <waves>

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