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Pumps with meters


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What are all of the options for a multipurpose pump that has a meter? Typical brewery or winery pumps are usually not recommended because of the higher proof, so what types are recommended, do they need explosion proof motors, best type (diaphragm, impeller...etc)? I would like to use it to move mash (grain in mash) around as well as transfering spirits, which may have fruit macerated over to a press.

Are most craft distillers metering with these pumps, what type of meter, do they come with the pump...etc, or is everyone just using scales?

Also, I don't mind starting with a cart, but would eventually like to plumb it in because the space is small.

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I would be surprised if anyone is metering on a spirit or mash transfer pump, especially for gauging purposes.  The resident expert, Mr. Dunbar should probably weigh in, but subpart G does make reference to proofing by mass flow meter, so I suppose it's possible.



§19.188   Measuring devices and proofing instruments.

(c) Meters. A proprietor may use an accurate mass flow meter to measure the volume of bulk spirits. A mass flow meter used for tax determination of bulk spirits must be certified by the manufacturer or other qualified person as accurate within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.1 percent. A mass flow meter used for all other required gauges of bulk spirits must be certified by the manufacturer or other qualified person as accurate within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.5 percent. The proprietor must make corrections for the temperature of the spirits being measured in conjunction with the volumetric measurement of spirits by mass flow meter. The proprietor must also test mass flow meters at least every 6 months to ensure that they are accurate within the required tolerances.

The problem is, while possible, the only kind of flow meter that meets these requirements is a Coriolis Mass Flow device, which in the accuracies listed above are very very expensive.  A precision mass-flow device like this, sized large enough to gauge spirits (inc. tax determination) and mash?  That might be close to $10,000.  Even the lower tolerance (not-tax guaging) mass flow meter would run you $5k or so, and in order to do the required 6 month testing, you would need the requisite scales and hydrometers.  I would imagine these kinds of devices are not compatible with air operated diaphragm pumps either.


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Thanks Silk City.

So how are most craft distillers recording all of the transfers as required by the TTB, from mash to ferment to still to disposal... Seems like a pain to have multiple scales or a scale for each of the fixed tanks like still and mash tun. I've seen quite a few use a floor scale when dealing with 50 gal tanks on wheels, but never saw that in a larger setting. Just trying to figure out the best way to track all the movement of liquids.


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Unless you are going to incorporate the same scale transducers into your tanks, and have them calibrated (you can do that), you will have to pull portions out into the largest vessel you can put onto your scale. That's how we do it, tedious as it sounds. Better than calibrating volumes, controlling or measuring temperatures, and correcting.

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