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Item                                                                      Price US$
Manual Crown Capping machine                         730
Semi-automatic Crown Capping machine            978
Automatic Crown Capping machine                     26,760
Semi-automatic ROPP Capping machine            4,770
Automatic ROPP Capping machine                     Ask for price
Manual Corker for big bottles – up to 6L bottles    Ask for price
Semi-automatic corker                                        7,750
Corker/wire hooder/capsular/crown capper        18,726
Semi-automatic Counter pressure filler (two valves)    6,379
Semi-automatic Counter pressure filler (four valves)    13,800
Semi-automatic Filler (4 valves)                         1,980
Manual Gravity Filler (6 valves)                          2,130
Vacuum Filler (2 valves) for spirits                      2,086.00
Vacuum Filler (4 valves) for spirits                      2,489.00
Mono block filler/corker, still wine, 1000 bph        Ask for  price
Mono block filler/corker, still wine, 2000 bph        Ask for price
Manual bottle rinser                                           1,320
Semi-automatic rinser (20 holes)                       6,720
Semi-automatic rinser (10 holes)                       5,100
Machine for Chellac Application                         11,280
Bottle de-labeler, sanitizer, washing machine for recycle (300 bph)    28,620
Semi-automatic labeler (500 bph)                      3,456
Semi-automatic labeler (700 bph)                     4,380
Semi-automatic labeler for round  and square bottles    5,344
Roll Mill, grinder, up to 0.9 t/hour                      4,560
For Distilleries:    
Bottling system for any bottle size/shape           Ask  for price
Equipment for  Sparkling wine:    
Stainless Tanks from 1,000 gallons to 7,000 gallons    Ask for price
Riddling machine (504 bottles )                                   11,800
Riddling machine (160 bottles)                                    7,700
Semi-automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser             8,028
Automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser                      Ask for price
Semi-automatic Champagne  corker                           6,950
Semi-automatic bench Wire-Hooder                           4,150
Semi-automatic Corker/Wire-Hooder                          9,700
Corker/wire hooder/crown capper in one unit             18,726
Semi-automatic bench Capsuler for  Champagne Capsules    1,181
Automatic Corker/Wire Hooder (800-1200 bph)         Ask for price
Automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser-Corker-Wire Hooder    Ask for price
Carbonator (for Sparkling drinks production)             14,950
Neck Freezers, various capacities                             From 2,295
Plastic Trays for Bottles    `                                        Ask for price

Also available: Complete Bottling lines for sparkling wine, still wine, beer, cider, and soft drinks with various speed production up to 12000 bph


Let us know if you have questions or need the pic/specs.

Thank you,


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