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Progetto Millennio 2009


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Hi everyone,

To follow up on my quick presentation of Bruni Glass on the Welcome board of this forum, I wanted to post here something that I believe is quite unique in the glass packaging world.

Back in 1996 Bruni Glass started a Design Competition called "Progetto Millennio" (Project Millennium). It is an international design competition that directly links Bruni Glass to schools of design and particularly to young students that, thanks to this opportunity, can really get quickly in touch with companies and find work (not so easy in these recent times).

This year we presented and celebrated its 10th Edition, at the world famous packaging show "SIMEI", held in Italy.

It was a very successful event and soon I will be posting the winning projects for all categories (Spirits, Wine and Food).

If you would like to receive details about the event and brochures please let me know or you can simply read more about it at: www.progettomillennio.com.


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Hi everyone,

Here are the winners of the 10th Edition!

Wine Category:

1st prize: DUE FONDOS


2nd Prize: LEGATO


Spirits Category:

1st Prize: DIABLO


2nd Prize: KOLO


Gourmet Category:

1st prize: OLIMETA


2nd Prize: SOTTACETO


Jar Category:

1st Prize: BASSIN


2nd Prize: TRIATOLLO


Here you can view all participating designs: http://www.progettom..._EN/ediz09.html.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the spirits category designs for your product.


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