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Paper Wine containers, New concept to Box Wine


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Hello All,

I saw this new box wine packaging that the wine industry is utilizing and changing the belief toward box wines. I thought the concept being renewable was very intresting so I reached out to the company to see if this was suitable for spirts and have not received info back on that yest but did receive the powerpoint presentations for the wine packaging product.

Here is the contact info just incase there is any intrest and I will also let everbody know what they relate back to me. So what is the intrest or concerns of everybody in this.

Tetra Pak Inc.

3300 Airport Rd., Main Bldg.,Denton, TX 76207

Telephone: +1-940-565-8987



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An Update to this.

Received information today that yes this can be used to pack spirits however they have nobody in the US that is licenced to do so.

JUst felt it was a unique way to be green in this market.

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