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Small qty bottles and decorating

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I am finding it reasonably easy to get a bottle in single pallet quantities. I am after a certain type of look and found that style bottle with three manufacturers who will sell it in single pallet quantities delivered to my door for varying prices ranging from good and delivered to about $2.50 each delivered (no color or coating).

I want the bottle color coated and here comes the problem. At only 1200 to 1400 bottles the decorators will charge an unacceptable cost since I am paying for everything out of pocket. I understand the reasons why, setup time, small quantities, etc. I have packaging experience and also understand how to keep those costs down combining orders, running the order first thing in the morning, or at the end of the shift, etc.

I would appreciate any suggestions, information on decorators that will do small quantities for a resonable price.


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Don't know any off of the top of my head, but may I suggest picking up a copy of Wines and Vines Buyer's Guide? They'll have a listing of the very smallest packaging companies.

I believe they have an online version of the catalog.


Hope this helps.

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The ones I know are:

Universal Specialties in BC Canada

Seriegraphie Richford in Montreal Canada

Stanpak in On, Canada

Hanes Erie in PA

Buffalo Circuits in NY

Etched images in CA

The others are either not worth considering or I don't know them.

Good luck,


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