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looking for a bottle filling machine?


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Hey Newbies,

If you are new to distilling, congratulations! Not too many people have the courage to follow their dreams, take the risks, and do something that involves passion and a whole lot of HARD work. We know, because we are in the SAME boat. Here's our story:

Lots of Distillers out there remember the poor reputation and lack of service associated with a company called Vigneron Corperation. Some of you are not aware that there have been huge changes to our company, which is now Vigneron Specialty Products. We are NOT the company formerly called Vigneron Corporation. We did purchase Vigneron but not the corporation. After we purchased the company (Vigneron) 2 years ago, we quickly realized (from angry phone calls et al) that the fillers had many problems, especially accuracy issues and major difficulties in adjustments / inconsistencies, and that people were very dissatisfied with them. From that point, and with that knowledge, we realized a total redesign of the machine and revamping of the company was necessary. It took the first year and a lot of diligence, but the filler was completely redesigned and given the name XpressFill, to differentiate from Vigneron. Therefore, if anyone has a filler more than a year or so old, they do NOT have an XpressFill. The only thing the XpressFill has in common with the Vigneron fillers is the outer chassis. The internal components are totally different. The XpressFill has a digital timer instead of solenoids to make it extremely user-friendly.

Some of the (negative) posts on this forum were referring to experiences with the old fillers which some people mistakenly call XpressFill. They are not XpressFill fillers, they are Vigneron Model fillers. We want everyone to know that the name XpressFill means the new, redesigned fillers and not the old problem-filled machines. We also want it to be known that we do upgrades of the old fillers rendering them virtually new, with all new internal parts.

Please call or email us if you have any questions or comments. We are always happy to serve you!

Thank you,

May all your bottling be joyful, and we wish you a fantastic Holiday Season.

From all the staff at Vigneron / XpressFill

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