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Does anyone have any experience with the Xpressfill systems?

I randomly discovered the Xpressfill system online prior to seeing this post on ADI. In the process of my research I happened to call the company and talked with the owners and there is what I have learned thus far:

The Xpressfill technology was invented a few years back by a guy with a good idea though without a background in engineering which resulted in a nice looking machine that suffered issues of calibration and accuracy of fill - both essential traits in any bottling system. The result was many frustrated customers lured by the promise of something more technologically advanced.

The Xpressfill technology is now in the hands of NEW owners Randy & Judes Kingsbury who gutted and reworked the Xpressfill system with new technology.

The new owners, despite being aware of the negative history accompanying their purchase, saw potential in the system and set out to improve on the original design so as to deliver the ease and accuracy originally promised. Fortunately Randy's mechanical engineering background allowed him to overcome the issues of accuracy of their Xpressfill bottle fillers such that they claim the bottlers now achieve accuracy within +/- 1 ml off the factory floor AND are GUARANTEED to achieve accuracy of fill within 2/10's of a ml (within in 1.5 ml) out of the box (the difference being due to jostling during shipping).

To view a demo of the system go to XPRESSFILL.COM, and you reach them directly at (805) 541 - 0100 or info@xpressfill.com Randy & Judes also state their commitment to customer service (which is obviously essential, especially to overcome the hesitancy caused by issues of the past. To their credit, since taking over the company and technology they claim to have racked up pages of positive testimonials on the quality of the products they sell and their customer service ~ which I believe they should post on their website for all to see.

As long as the Xpressfill system achieves the accuracy claimed it would seem this bottling system could save craft distilleries on labor costs over the more manual gravity fill bottlers. Of course the Xpressfill system will definitely need to achieve the accuracy promised to be valuable enough to justify the added expense over traditional gravity filler.

*Note: we plan to evaluate the Xpressfill machine during a live test amongst several Washington distillers. After our test we'll post the group's individual and collective impressions of the system.

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Does anyone have any experience with the Xpressfill systems? You can check them out at www.xpressfill.com

Looks like it would be a better alternative to the typical gravity filler.


Hello! I am writing to inform everyone in the Distilling Industry about the NEW OWNERSHIP of Vigneron / XpressFill bottle filling machines. Many of you have older Vigneron fillers collecting dust (or worse) in your businesses. We would like you to know we have completely redesigned the machines, and offer upgrades to bring your older machines up to date with the new digital controls and completely new engineering. The new machines, now named XpressFill, have supreme accuracy (within 1.5 ml, calibrated at the factory) and amazing user-friendliness. Please write or call us for more information. Here is a little background information:

Vigneron / XpressFill has NEW owners who have spent the past 2 years completely revamping the machine and the company. Randy Kingsbury is a Professional Mechanical Design Engineer with over 25 years experience, and Judes Kingsbury has 20 years of Restaurant,Winery and Customer Service / Management experience. Since the time of purchase, Randy completely redesigned the machine and the two put in place outstanding customer service. The company has upgraded numerous older Vigneron fillers to the current technology, have sold many brand new XpressFill bottle fillers to artisan producers, and now boast a myriad of happy customers around the world. The machine's new design is extremely user-friendly, comes with a digital timer and performs with outstanding precision - within 1.5 ml accuracy, calibrated at the factory. All XpressFill bottle filling machines come with a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty. You can view a demo of their new systems at XpressFill.com, and reach them directly at (805) 541 - 0100 or info@Xpressfill.Com, Judy@XpressFill.com, Randy@XpressFill.com <mailto:info@xpressfill.com>


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I have the new x-press fill 460. I was really nervous because I bought it last year and had not heard all the negative comments. I saw one for sale for $100(vigneroon). I am very happy with mine. I bottled a batch of 1200 liter bottles with it just recently and it is impressive. It's not extremely fast- ~22 seconds for a .750 and ~30 seconds for 1 liter bottles. It works well for Underground, which is a high solid liqueur. I think these guys have the kinks worked out.


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This post is in response to my earlier post.

When the new owners Randy and Judes Kingsbury read my comments about the filler they immediately contacted me. I had purchased my filler at the exact time that they took over the operation of the company and after some checking into they found that I was not sent the new model Xpress Filler but an old model off the shelve by mistake. Even after almost two years after my purchase and well beyond all warranties, they personally took it upon their selves to make all things right. They built me a brand new XF-430, sent it to me at no charge, including all shipping both for the new filler and the return of the old filler.

I have now had time to put the New and Improved Xpress Filler through its paces and am more than happy to say that it is everything that they claimed it would be and more. It always stays in calibration, fills all four bottles the same every time. Is thousands of times easier to use. We use 5 different bottle sizes and shapes. All come out within specs every time.

I have been with this forum sense the beginning and many of you have read my post. Some like what is said here and some do not. One thing you can count on is what any one says here is the truth as we know it. No one here would lead some one astray on purpose. I tell you now, this is the type of company that we all should be doing business with and wish there were more like them. Randy and Judes stand behind their product and are willing to go the extra mile to see to it you are satisfied with their Xpress Filler. Thanks for your time, Coop

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Hi, it's Tim from Ogden's Own Distillery. I haven't checked out the forum lately, but noticed xpress fill is still not getting a fair shake. My xpress fill 460 has now filled over 10,000 liters in the past 5 months. I've sold over 7,000 liters since August 1 2009. I bottle about 1,000 liters at a time and check the machine for accuracy during bottling. It nails it every time on every head within 2ml. It normally takes 3 to 4 cycles to get warmed up and then it's on. A bottling run takes a little more than two hours using the xpress fill. Every head is accurate and I have no complaints.

I am going to buy another xpress fill for a backup. I just thought about how much I rely on that little machine. It's the most important piece of equipment that I own- excluding my brew/distilling system. Those guys have turned a bad product around.



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