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Olympic Distillers still - Feedback?


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It's my first post on this forum! :)

We search a column still to make our gin and we found this company:


Do you have any feedback from this supplier?

It's weird, the prices seems too beautiful to be true...

Let me know! ;)


Thank you


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Thank you Glisade! It is true that Olympic Distillers products looks like Distillery Equipment products!

Bluestar, thank you for your answer. I think too that is a dealer!

I have sent an email to Paul from Distillery Equipment to know if Olympic distiller is a dealer or a fraud! I'll come back with the information! :)

Thank you!

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Hi Everybody

I own Affordable Distillery Equipment: http://distillery-equipment.com  All of the large stills listed on the Olympic Distillers web site have been removed.  All of my standard series and pro series equipment is designed by me.  It is about 80% built in China and around 20% built here at my my manufacturing facility in MO, and we do all of the quality control here.  Somehow a different Chinese factory than the one that I use offered Olympic distillers my designs and they even sent Olympic distillers my pictures.  So I talked to the owner of Olympic distillers and he was very understanding and removed all of my commercial designs from his site.   This was not his fualt and he seems like a really great guy. None of the Chinese still designs are designed in China.  They are all stolen designs.  That is what the Chinese do.  Also, their contracts are meaningless.  So I send them designs that are incomplete and so they will not function properly as they are.   We complete them here.  I am not the only one that does this, so if you are looking at buying directly from the Chinese you should be very careful.

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I just received a master series still from Olympic and it was a great experience. Obviously they were just the middle men from a company in china but we received a wonderful still that can do it all for a price nobody could beat. We have not put it together yet but everything looks good, and great quaility. 

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