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Self distribution?


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Got a question regarding the three tier system in place in TN.

I am currently researching this, and have heard of distilleries doing self distribution. That being said, in TN it is apparently  (from reading the regs) prohibited for a manufacturer to have an interest in a wholesale or retail operation.

The question... are there any distilleries located in TN that currently do this? And if so, how does that work? 

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Everything you sell, even if you sell in your tasting room, has to go through a distributor in TN. You can also not own or be part of another company that distributes or sells (on or off premise) alcohol, due to the tied-house laws. There is no self-distribution for spirits in TN, though you can if you're a brewery or winery. 

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I know there are a few states out there that do allow self distribution. Anyone who has self distributed care to share their experiences lessons learned from doing self distribution?

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