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To agitate or not to agitate, that is the question.


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Looking at still configurations and I see a good mix, some with agitators and some without. I don't see dedicated whiskey stills with them, at least that I have seen. Is the use of the agitator mostly used for thicker contents like grappa? Seams like it would help bring the contents up to temp faster by moving it around the heat source.

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I've seen a 'custom' verson which has a fittings near the bottom, all the way around, with nozzels inside pointed downward at an angle. Now guess what they are doing.....they pump air through them to form a rolling of the contents. Really interesting process as it will keep from burning a 'dirty' wash when bringing up to temp. Once temp is reached air is turned off as contents will roll on its own. Air gets pre-heated by piping though the fire first.

Guess you could also run the air injection while cooking to get higher rate of flow for brandys or something.

Interesting.....air injection on a still. Do I hear Turbo-Charged anyone?

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