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Guiding Needed

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I am a mechanical engineer working in the oil and gas in Norway; I am looking to the possibility of returning to Mexico to start a Craft Distillery.

I understand the distilling process but never done any distilling, therefore I need some serious guiding; I think I will be asking few questions from time to time. So far I have some questions about the starting process of making the business plan.


The concept will be the following:

A distillery that is open to the public with a small factory bar to taste the products and maybe third party products. The main product I would like it to be Gin and the secondary Rum. Big part of the strategy is to have open production, with local supplies of course. I have a limited budget as everyone but I want to have some quality and nice looking distillery. So I want to cut where it is wise to cut and spend where is needed.


So the first question:

  1. Could I achieve a really good quality Gin if I buy the sugar cane neutral alcohol? Or should I need to do my own fermentation? The craft distillery business in Mexico is not very developed so there is no marketing advantage form one over the other solution.

  2. How long or how many courses, workshops do I need to take before being able to produce a quality drink? I know it is very subjective but I guess it is possible to estimate.

  3. How long will take to have a quality product if I contract a master distiller?

  4. From the day I distill something acceptable how long it can take to be bottled and ready to be sold?

  5. Which brand, size and design of still I need to produce the Gin?  Remember that the open production is part of the marketing so it needs to look cool. Don’t know if I need some fancy Carl or Holstein or just another producer in the US.


I think that is more than enough for this time, thank you so much for your help and please drop a line even if it is short or link or something I just need to get started somewhere.



Franco Attolini

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