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Greetings from PA

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Hello. I'm located in SE PA and currently waiting for TTB approval on a small shop. I'll be opening up a small space on my family's vineyard, and looking to make grape based vodka, gin and brandy. It'll be a small setup that I can work myself at about 250 square feet in a converted garage bay. So far so good with the building inspector and fire marshal. Hopefully be up and running with all the permits, licensing and hoops by May or June of next year.

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Thank you for the welcome!

We already have a pretty well established winery that draws people in on the weekends. So I think we should get a good jump on getting our spirits in front of people without having to do a lot of extra legwork. I'm thankful for that, since I know that's not typical. So I'm just waiting on the TTB license to come through and then apply to the LCB, which shouldn't be a big deal since we're already very familiar with them dealing with the vineyard winery.

If anyone else is distilling using grapes or grape pomace, I'd love to pick your brain on it.





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Welcome to the forum Justin!  It sounds like you might be located somewhere close to me.  If your ever in the area feel free to stop by or give me a call if you ever just want to talk shop!

My fiance and I are also working on a new off-site location concept (hope to open Sept 2017) that will serve and sell only PA spirits, wine and beer.  Would love to know what winery you family runs and perhaps we can rope you in once we are up and running and you have product available!

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