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New to home distilling

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Hello! I am looking to start some home distilling by doing a bit of research and building a home distiller. 

I prefer scotch whiskey or beer as a drink of choice. I enjoy other quality distilled spirits as well, but I am a bit picky on the quality. I am looking at getting into home distilling for the enjoyment of making my own stuff and hopefully to occasionally make something that I would be happy to share with others. (i.e. actually tastes good and won't make them ill). I am a member of a large scotch club and known a novice level education about scotch, wine, and beer. 

I am a marine and mechanical engineer and have a decent ability to learn about the process and build/design my own rig. I am looking for a versatile set up that can handle 10-15 gallon batches of mash. I would like to be able to make a variety of spirits such as Whiskey, vodka, Rum, scnapps, etc. So I am thinking a versatile still or one where I could changes out the heads(not sure if that is the right term) depending on the spirit. 

Well, I've got a lot of research to do so I'll go check out the proper forums pages to ask some questions. Thanks and Hello!

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