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800 Gallon ADE System Assembly Video

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Affordable Distillery Equipment 800 gallon Ultra Pro Still youtube assembly video taken at Elevated Mountain Distilling Company in Maggie Valley NC:  


Elevated Mountain Distilling Company purchased their pumps, low pressure steam boiler, 800 Gallon Mash Cooker and Fermenters from ADE.    In an environment were the demand for distillery equipment is huge, most equipment manufacturers are charging what the market will bear.   We are charging what people can afford.  Our prices are as much as 60% lower than many of our competitors and our quality is excellent.  Check us out at http://distillery-equipment.com  http://moonshine-still.co We have jacketed Baine Marie oil and steam stills from 5 gallon to 2,500 gallon capacity. We have equipment in over 170 successful distilleries in the US and Canada.

Call or email Paul at:




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