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N.A.O. Barrels by Hubert Germain-Robin


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One company N.A.O. (New Alternative Oak ) offers you all the solutions to age and/or to finish your spirits & wines.

New oak from France and Eastern Europe, used barrels and vats from a wide variety of wines and spirits.

" Quality , Personality and Complexity. "

For more information: www.nao-oak.com

Contact: hubertgermainrobin@gmail.com                                                0?view=fimg&th=1592ca5a9135b221&attid=0.1&disp=thd&attbid=ANGjdJ-K-7OEvcUvYztse3ZLolPoE0sXg1aYu1cexUzN_n-s_exflW8U83AneDb1fW4UfsopblPlo0ID__AtTazdOLiiSgoREbl89FYZ_7Kd5dsWzxw2KGDQ14GJ2rc&sz=w226-h166&zw

Special: - 500 rum barrels(200 L) from Jamaica- 12years old = 160 Euros fob Cognac

View photo in message     - 150 peated malt whisky barrels(200 L) from Bowmore distillery- Islay-Scotland- 12 years old = 210 Euros fob Cognac

              - Marsala barrels(225 L)fortified wine from Sicily - 4 years old , in very good condition = 230 Euros fob Cognac





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