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Brewmaster/Distiller/Chemist-Help Wanted Cornwall ON Canada

David S

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Seeking a Brewmaster/Chemist/Distiller to perform functions inclusive of setup, analysis and performance of a proprietary bio-reactor/distillation equipment and product development of a  pilot plant operation for crafted beverage manufacture:

-           sensory enhancement/artisan craft and nutritional/functionality knowledge

-           practical familiarity with brew/beverage/reactor/distillation/vacuum-distillation

-           yeast culturing/fermentation

-           industry instrumentation/processing and lab analysis equipment

-           electro-mechanical skills - agitator/mixer/process control

Experience at sales, marketing and logistics is a plus.

Featuring consumer market and revenue growth potentials of a uniquely innovative beverage product with wide demographic potential.


A great opportunity for someone with a creative skill set, enthusiastic customer appreciation and entrepreneurial spirit.


Preferably someone from the Cornwall ON Canada region or willing to relocate.

Only serious inquiries please.

David S.



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