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Bottle Labeler with label serialization


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Im shopping around for a great semi auto bottle label machine that can also print serial numbers on the label during the label process. Im using regular round bottles no taper 375 and 750.

 What are you all using out there? Any reccomendations? Anything I should stay away from?

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Hey CaptnKB,

Our Ferrinox labelers have a built-in printing option. The least expensive Ferrinox labeler is the EKO-10, which sounds like it would work fine for your application.

We've had these out in the field since the 90s, both for individual users, and for contract/mobile bottlers. They're built like tanks. Let me know if you want a quote. It'd be helpful to see the label, and where you'd like to have the info printed.


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Lots of options. Add-on hot stamper (uses a ribbon), ink-jet printing, bubble jet printing, or even a fricken' laser!


the hot stamper can be added wherever you have about a foot of label webbing, typically before the sensor, and near the dasher/tension arm


the others can be put anywhere on the line, as long as the bottles are dry.  How many BPM are we talking? One label or two? Pre fill or post fill? Footprint? Budget?

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