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looking for a book


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I am looking for a book that deals with the elaboration of gin from a technical point of view. I do not look for a general book that deals with its history, etc. I prefer something more technical and practical. Could you recommend to me some book of these characteristics? THANK YOU

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Most books on distilled spirits are worthless, except for the technical references, which tend to be heavily theoretical textbook or journal articles.

Some of the best stuff has bubbled up from the hobby community. 

Crozdog's gin manual is a good start if you are interested in vapor distilling - https://www.stilldragon.org/uploads/manuals/StillDragon.The.Gin.Basket.Operation.Manual.v1.1.20140116.pdf

Odin's post and video from the other day was very good as well.

I'd wager a guess that both of these are better technical guides than any published book.  Although I really do like The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart (this is a lay book).

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Like SCD said there isn't a great book on distilling. I'm up to 24+ and I still wouldn't say there is a single one that covers everything. It's best to start reading and keep a notebook. Jot down the key ideas you run across. I started a private blog to keep track of posts and links from here and other websites with searchable notes. 

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