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Nosing Glass recommendations


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I'll have to dig up the source, but i recall reading that Hubert Germain-Robin specifically stayed away from tulip shaped glasses because they cheat by over concentrating the aromas and hiding potential flaws.  I think his preference was for a straight sides distillers glass..


Damned memory..  now i have to go search!!

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Thanks ACDC & Odin. 

Ralfy's Glass review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq9ar_UAKIM

I like the Ardbeg glass with the cover (Odin's Grappa glass), pint and cognac glasses. I want to be able to get the full array of aromas. The pint glass peaks my interest. It might be bad for drinking but nosing I think it has potential. 


Ardbeg glass, not bad at £5 each with cover: https://www.ardbeg.com/shop/product/glassware/ardbeg-tasting-glass.html

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I love those Bormioli grappa glasses. I use them at work. 

For blending, i like the Copita style glasses they have at Crate & Barrel. I use them at home, too. And they are ok in top rack!

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