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Brettanomyces and Whisky Barrels

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A local brewer is hoping to use some of my space for some Foeder tanks holding Sour Beer. His process will be using Brettanomyces and I have read of some serious concerns with Bretta attacking the cellobiose of whisky barrels. Knowing that many of you are also brewers, I'd love to get your feedback on whether I should be concerned with airborne cross contamination. The brewers would use their own pumps, tanks, etc. but would be in close proximity to my mash tun, fermenters and barrels.


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I wouldn't worry about it infecting your whiskey storage barrels. It's very possible depending on the type of equipment you have to get a persistent brett contamination of fermenters and etc but it would depend on your process whether that's a problem for you. We have some plastic fermenters that I'm certain harbor brett from some wine we worked with, but the 7 days that whisky ferments reside in them doesn't seem to be long enough to get much activity from it. 

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