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T-shirts/hats and Swag


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Ordered from Custom Ink a few times and have been happy with it.  Not the cheapest, but they have a nice selection of very high quality t-shirts.  I did a run using the American Apparel T's (USA Made) - and I must have washed mine a hundred times already.  The Next Level shirts were really nice as well.  If you are looking for cheap giveaway swag shirts - definitely not your place.

Been meaning to order hats from Brewery Branding, but really wish I could just order 50 and not a gross.


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These guys do our logo shirts on blanks from Next Level:

These guys did the crest shirt (including the design) on blanks from Bella Canvas:

Both the Next Level and Bella Canvas blanks are a nice fitting, comfortable medium weight shirt.  If you dont have a design ready to go I would highly suggest hitting up Ryan at FoxDuck.  They all but gave me the design work for free as I was getting my shirts printed with them, and Ryan does really nice work.

If you have a design ready to roll you should also be able to find a local screen printing shop.  I know I always appreciate when people support their local small business! :)


IMG_4735 (2).JPG

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